What’s stopping you from achieving everything you want in life?

I’m back in my home town in Florida which I moved away from 20 years ago. It seems like yesterday and it’s bringing back so many memories as I drive around my old neighborhood.

It’s also giving me time to reflect on my own journey and the fact I’ve overcome so many things and become a more confident, resilient person.

One of the goals I set with my own personal coach this year was to go sailing. And guess what? This week I’ve been sailing!

I set my goal and I walked towards that goal. And it feels good.

What I’m loving about sailing is that it’s all about being in the flow. You hoist the sails up, you position them to go with the wind and you just keep going.

A bit like life really. Except that sometimes, through our mindset, we don’t position ourselves the right way and we literally loose the wind from our sails.

Then we get stuck.

If you’re feeling stuck I want you to ask yourself these questions:

What do you want in your life?

How do you want to feel when you get up in morning?

What’s stopping you?

There’s going to be a limiting belief that’s underneath that, so I recorded this video last week to help you overcome that.

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