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e-Motion: Combining Emotional Work to Restore Your Motion

Have you considered that the pain and stiffness you are feeling in your body may also be caused by pain and rigidity in your emotional life? I founded E-Motion Therapy services to bring the essence of Myofascial Release Therapy – moderate, gentle stretching of fascial connective tissue – into a dialogue between you and me to emphasize emotional flexibility. Notice the tension in your body. Where does it come from? Why is it there? What can you do to release it? Think of pain as a messenger. What is it trying to tell you?

I call my therapy practice e-Motion to emphasize the connection between emotion and motion. Through therapy with me, a licensed and registered clinician, you will learn to release the bracing, guarded inflexibility in your body in order to move toward more pain-free motion. In this process, I will guide you to check back in with your body while discussing emotional restrictions – such as grief, trauma, fear and even stress. Often through therapeutic dialog about your past physical suffering, emotional release will lead to more flexibility and motion.

If memory is electrical energy, imagine gaining more physical motion and emotional release by learning, through an ongoing, guided journey through your body, how to release physical and emotional pain. Therapy progresses from restrictive clenching to resiliency through my innovative combination of physical hands-on therapy, meditation, stress management and a holistic approach to educating you about your anatomy.

Many people entering into Myofascial Release Therapy are unaware that they are holding onto memories of emotional pain as well as experiencing vivid physical pain in response to injury or accident. If you believe nothing will help, nothing will help. I often hear from patients how they’ve tried everything without improvement to then find answers with myofascial release treatment. Seeing patients living life to their fullest after a series of myofascial release treatment brings me such joy! By entering into an educational and safe dialogue about these issues, you have an increased chance to regain flexibility, feel lighter, and be more free to pursue the passions that inspire you.

Even if you describe yourself as an all-in, Type-A personality, e-Motion Therapy Services – guided therapeutic work moving your body and your emotional life toward flexibility and resiliency – can help. Are you always in your head, thinking? Are you ever in your body feeling? Myofascial release teaches you to feel your body. That’s where the healing begins by going within and gently exploring the painful and stressed areas of your body. Call me for a brief, complimentary consultation to see how I can help you move with purpose and joy!